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JCI Toompea - JCI Estonia best chapter in Estonia at 2016

AWARD ALBUM BEST CHAPTER in Estonia for 2016
Laureate:                 JCI Toompea

Nominated by:        JCI Toompea

For JCI Toompea 2016 has been special – we celebrated our chapter’s 25th birthday! On this very special year, we executed large projects and have achieved new highs. JCI Toompea cares and acts – we give back to society, we create impact in JCI Estonia, we develop our members’ skills and knowledge, we keep our history and values. And we enjoy the process, totally! J  

2016 has been the year of big projects!
JCI Toompea majestic birthday party on Toompea. Our 25-year long history has been full of adventures, excitement, laughter and tears – just like the movies! We have celebrated our anniversary on a large scale – a majestic reception on Toompea (a part of Old Tallinn named after our chapter – or vice versa J); intensive program for our friends from twinning chapters, with excursions and networking; huge thank-you to all past presidents; dancing until the early morning by the best music; and a very sincere and warn afterafterparty on a sightseeing platform of Toompea – we greeted the new sun, champagne glasses in hand and surrounded by the best people!

JCI Estonia national convention in collaboration with JCI e-Koda. It was a great privilege to organize JCI Estonian national convention „Fly together“ in collaboration with e-Koda. Two-day intensive training program, which inspired the participants to think big, and a very engaging and fun evening program – the feedback of participants has been positive!

Video project to preserve JCI Toompea’s history. We have conducted interviews with all past presidents, catching our chapter’s history and legends on a videotape! 8 interviews, 25 presidents, an enormous amount of information, adventures, memories and stories to be inspired by!
Entrepreneurship training to the youth. We have the entrepreneurial spirit and we want to share it – to do so, we organized a course „The basics of entrepreneurship“ for the 10th graders in the Tallinn English College. A two-month long course gave the youngsters an opportunity to get acquainted with the main concepts of business. Furthermore, they had to prepare their very first business plan – and defend it in front of other students and a very demanding jury! 

In addition, we helped to organize the sea season opening, organized the very first joint lunch of all Tallinn chapters, helped the food donation campaign of Toidupank (Estonian Foodbank), made various company visits, did sports, went trekking, on picnic, to the zoo, organized inspiring trainings and meetings with high inspiration leaders and gamechangers, visited JCI Baltic Conference, JCI European Conference, JCI World Congress, strengthened ties with our twinning partners – and did so much more! 
Participation in events throughout the year has exceeded the expectations. And what’s most important – our members are glowing; they are full of energy and enthusiasm! Every member is happy to contribute to our projects and initiatives – as achieving common goals is the greatest benefit of all!

We are growing!
We value quality! We are rather picky in selecting new members – and in 2016 we had a great pleasure to accept 6 new members! Two of them are now active in JCI Toompea management and other two are members of the management team of JCI Estonia!
Throughout the year, we had a great pleasure of welcoming two new senators and two honorary members. Also, we contribute to the growth of Estonian population – 5 JCI Toompea babies were born in 2016 J

We love our friends!
JCI Toompea values international relations – we have 7 twinning chapters! On national events we conduct separate networking sessions that bring together everyone (although initially are planned for our twinning partner in Estonia, JCI Toomemäe)! On every international event, we get together with our foreign friends – in addition, we visit them and conduct ad-hoc meetings whenever possible.

And what’s best – our friendship is spreading to the next generation J Such, JCI Toompea and JCI Kotka kids are always happy to play together!

JCI Toompea are friends!

JCI Toompea is a network of friends. Our members value and support one another, our male members always perform songs for the women’s day, we visit different events and celebrate new year together. We trust one another and we are willing to contribute to the developments in society and in our chapter – we dare to think big and set up ambitious goals! Because every JCI Toompea member knows, that 25+ members have his back and help to reach the stars! J  

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