laupäev, 13. aprill 2013

Piia Porr - JCI Estonia nominee at EC2013 as Most Outstanding NOM Member 2012

B5 JCI Estonia Best NOM Member
Nominee:    Piia Porr
LOM:         JCI Toompea
Impact on Local and National Organization
Piia Porr joined JCI Toompea in 2011. The first project she participated as a team member was Health Conference. She opened her home as team weekly meeting point with rich laid table. Here ideas for the conference were fresh and ambitious. She is always ready to „give away a piece of herself“ just to make things happen, for example she agreed to open her own health story for the public media for marketing the conference.

Exemplification of JCI Values in JCI Activities
Piia has suffered a lot in her personal life but she is always the cat that falls on her feet! Sufferings has made her strong and open to other peoples problems.

Piia won the NOM project ideas competition „Out of the Box“ in 2011. She got much self-confidence and a small amount of capital to start the project „Let’s Go to School Together!“ Project’s aim is to help children from big families (4 children and more) to go to first grade with fully packed school bag with necessary school supplies. It is based on charity and donations. In 2012 project helped 356 children and in 2013 the purpose is to help 1000 children in Estonia.

On one hand this project wants to say thanks to those families that valuate children and on the other hand to help prevent school violence based on social inequality. With this project we hope to help children to get good start in one of the greatest challenge in life and hope them to find their talents. This project is the great exemplification of JCI value “earth's great treasure lies in human personality”.

Community impact
The project „Let’s Go to School Together!“ gathered a lot of public attention and recognition to JCI Estonia. All the main daily newspapers published articles about project. Free advertising in TV channels was achievement itself and got the best results in charity. This great success was Piia’s personal favor and bold undertaking.

JCI Toompea honored Piia Porr as the best member in 2012 as well as her project “Let’s Go to School Together!” as the best project 2012.
JCI Estonia honored Piia as the best NOM member in 2012 as well as her project “Let’s Go to School Together!” as the best NOM project 2012.

Exemplification of JCI Values in Personal Life
Piia says that she is interested in fields where she can help other people. She is the living example of the line in JCI values: “Service to humanity is the best work of life.” We believe that JCI is the best place to people like Piia and we are happy to have Piia with us.

Piia is active, bright, compassionate and ambitious person and above all very good mother to her son German.

Despite of all the recognition Piia has got no rest. Project “Let’s Go to School Together!” continues and Piia has ambitions to develop the project to international level.

Piia has won hearts in JCI Estonia. We have no doubt that she deserves a place in your heart too! Anyways – she loves all the people and she loves life!