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Raigo Raid - JCI Toompea nominee at JCI BC2016 as The Most Active Member 2016

AWARD NOMINATION: The Most Active Member 2016
Nominee: Raigo Raid
JCI Toompea

Raigo Raid is a member of JCI Toompea since 2001. One would describe him as someone who does everything with passion. You might hear him say: „Ofcourse let's do it, the main point is to have fun.“ He is the reason why every project in JCI Toompea has been born out of fun.

Impact on Local and National
Organisation Raigo was the president of JCI Toompea in 2015 and immediate past president in 2016. His presidency year was a great success. He felt that as a president it was his duty to make sure that everybody got a chance. He believes that a person grows most when he/she steps out of his/her comfort zone and tries something new. While being a president Raigo was also a mentor for his co-workers. He continued his work and kept his goals as the IPP in 2016. He is a man who knows how to start a spark in people.

Participation in JCI Events (National and International)
Raigo has been trying to make communication between chapters more active, both locally and internationally. A good keyword here is „Twinning is Winning“. Raigo took part in most of the JCI events in Estonia: JCI Estonia Spring conference, JCI Estonia National convention and in many smaller events of almost every local chapter in Estonia. On 2016, he was also very active in international events. He participated in JCI Baltic Conference in Klaipeda, Lithuania and JCI Europe Conference in Tampere, Finland. He takes conferences very seriously, a fact that is illustrated by him going to the JCI World Congress in Quebec two weeks early to acquaint himself with the local chapters.

Raigo is a person who knows everybody, a valuable asset. In some chapters (also in JCI Toompea) the generations have changed and the younger members would be missing out on the good old legends that the older members love to share if Raigo would not act as a link between generations.

In addition to acting as a link between generations, he also keeps in contact with local Estonian chapters and other chapters from different countries. He is always ready to help as much as he can. This is why Raigo is always a welcomed guest in the events of other chapters around Estonia and also the world. That is the reason why Raigo is the VP Social of JCI Estonia 2017.

Participating and Leading JCI Projects In 2016
Raigo was an irreplaceable member when it came to organizing events. Even though he was not even a part of the organizing team, he was as helpful as a person could be on site, specially involving the JCI Toompea 25th birthday celebration and JCI Estonia’s Annual Convention.
Raigo was also a lector, sharing his knowledge on entrepreneurship via JCI Toompea’s course for highschool students „Introduction to Entrepreneurship“.

If you are one of the last ones on a JCI event and spot a man with a bottle of sparkling wine, be sure to go and meet Raigo.

You can bet that he will also offer you a glass of the sparkling.

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