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Battle of the Baltic 2014 by JCI Toompea

After few years break the multi twinning event Battle of the Baltic (BoB) was held again, arranged by JCI Toompea. BoB is an old tradition initially created by our twinning chapter JCI Mariehamn many years ago. This event gathers 4 chapters: JCI Mariehamn, JCI Toompea, JCI Stockholm and JCI Riga in order to meet once a year, catch up, get to know each other better, have a small battle and to spend nice time.

This year event was held in Nõmme Puhkebaas under the theme Mental Institution and started early in the morning when the paramedics Salome and Priit were waiting our guest in the harbour.

The Mental Institution provided a treatment this year for patients from Sweden, Mariehamn, Turkey, Estonia and we are glad that we had so many new people to whom it was the first JCI event. The journey started to our lunch stop which was in Jakobson house museum and continued after that to the Mental Institution. Patients had to check in themselves in the admission desk and go through the mental detector to eliminate items which can harm patients. The chief of the hospital had an individual appointment with every patient to give a quick examination and right treatment to every body.

The program continued with 3-4 hour therapy sessions in groups where patients needed to show their creativity and ability to respond quickly to different assignments. In order to resolve the question who will arrange the next BoB a battle between the chapters was held. The assignment was to perform a sketch using a random 10 words given. Our honourable judges had a really difficult task as all teams were really really good but one of them was bit better. The winner is JCI Stockholm where Henrik and Dag made a fantastic performance and won the battle. Congratulations one more time and we are really waiting the next year BoB in Sweden.

The evening continued with sauna, dancing, good food and constant treatment until early in the morning. The bravest ones had a canoeing trip on Pärnu river on the following day which was a nice relaxing activity after the long treatment program.

Feedback from the participants

Back in Stockholm after a grazy weekend ;-)) Thanks a lot to JCI Toompea for a great mental treatment in connection with the Baltic twinning event.

Hurray, :-) high positive emotions! specially great was to see old friends from Sweden. thank You for organizers and thank You for all participants! ... and have to say that person with diagnose "age over 70" should sleep a bit more during night.

Suured tänud korraldajatele! 5-pallises süsteemis paneksin hindeks 6 :). Loodetavasti "tõsiselt haiged" on : a) terveks saanud b) hospitaliseeritud. Edu ka edaspidiseks :):-)

After a really extensive event the paramedics gathered few weeks later on the roof top cinema to make conclusions of the event, look throw the statistics of the patients and have a treatment for themselves. Team would like to thank all participant, if there were no patients, there wouldn’t be a Mental Institution either!

Thank you for all the participants. We are really waiting the next year BoB on Sweden.

Pictures at JCI Toompea Flickr gallery.

Dr Anna-Mari Oomer
Head of treatment
JCI Toompea

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